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As the world grapples with growing humanitarian needs caused by health emergencies, natural disasters, and armed conflicts, collaboration between the private sector and humanitarian organizations is urgently called for. HUMAC aims to develop new insights into if and how business‐humanitarian collaboration can be organized in an effective, ethical, and sustainable manner.

At HUMAC, we conduct in‐depth process research on business‐humanitarian collaboration in different crisis contexts to analyze how partners organize their collaboration and how they handle the challenges they encounter along the way. In doing so, HUMAC aims to generate urgently needed research‐based knowledge and theoretical insights into the organizational dynamics, complications, and solutions of business‐humanitarian collaboration in crisis contexts.

Our ambition is to generate in‐depth, contextualized insights into whether and how the challenges inherent in private‐sector humanitarian initiatives can be overcome.

Ultimately, our hope is that better insight into the challenges of business‐humanitarian collaboration will enhance the delivery of aid and assistance to people in distress.

HUMAC is led by researchers at Copenhagen Business School and funded by the Velux Foundation.

About Velux

HUMAC is made possible by funding from the Velux Foundation as part of its core group programme. The core group programme funds independent and original basic research of an excellent standard with a view to boosting emerging research areas and up-and-coming research teams. 

Since 2008, through its core group programme, VELUX FONDEN has focused on supporting basic humanities research at the highest level in close cooperation with university humanities departments. HUMAC is one of seven projects that received core-group grants in 2020, the seven projects totaling DKK 40 million. 

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